Read a few pages from the Book of Proverbs, and you will hear the Lord speaking to you.

Tuesday, 9/25/12

Our first reading today gives us a variety of verses from the Book of Proverbs. Go to the Book of Proverbs, and take a look at some of the verses that tell us how to deal with the poor.

Even by his neighbor the poor man is hated, but the friends of the rich are many. 14:20 

He who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call and not be heard. 21:13

Give me neither poverty nor riches, lest being full I deny you, or being poor, I steal. 30:8

He who has compassion on the poor lends to the Lord who will repay him. 19:17

He sins who despises the hungry, but happy the man who is good to the poor. 14:20

Better the man who walks with integrity, than he who is crooked and rich. 19:1                       

(If people would opens the Book of Proverbs at Chapter Ten, and then read slowly on from there, they will find verses that strike them right between the eyes, making them see themselves differently. )

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