O quam tristis et afflicta fuit illa benedicta, mater Unigeniti.

Saturday, 9/15/ 12

Today is set aside for us to commiserate with Mary for all she had to undergo. At the presentation in the temple of her forty-day-old Jesus Simeon prophesied that a sword would pierce her heart. That sword went into her heart and turned and turned there as she stood beneath the cross, matching his last gasps with hers.

We might also use this day to commiserate with other mothers who suffer with and for their children. I myself have been a bystander for much of what is called normal life. As a bystander it surprises me that women gladly give up their independence to enter into an enslavement that begins when their darlings are infants, then becomes more trying when the darlings become teen agers.  

There is a waitress I've been friendly with for years because of the pancakes at her restaurant. Tuesday  I asked her how many days a week she works. She said, “Six. Sundays I get to spend the whole day with my grandson.” Not with her boyfriend or girlfriends or at the Mall or relaxing at home. She works the whole week for the right to take care of that boy on Sundays.

As we honor Mary today we should ask her to make room on the award stand for so many mothers around us who lovingly put up with sorrow for the love of their darlings and for the love of their God.

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