The Hebrew word for a prophet was Nabi. It was a child's word for a mouth. A prophet is one who lets God use his mouth to speak the truth..

Tuesday, 8/14/12

In the first reading today Ezekiel gave us a figurative picture of how he became a prophet. The Hebrew word for a prophet, Nabi, was derived from a children’s name for a mouth. Their idea of a prophet was someone who lent his mouth to God for speaking God’s word. It is interesting how that was dramatized with the Bible’s calling of each of the major prophets.

When Isaiah was called to speak for God an angel touched his lips with a hot ember he was holding with tongs.

Jeremiah described his calling like this, “The Lord extended his hand and he touched my mouth, saying, ‘See, I place  my words in your mouth.’

In today’s reading God fed Ezekiel a scroll. He said, “Go now to the house of Israel, and speak my words to them.”

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