Following Jesus is the key to a happy life.

Monday, 8/20/12

Our Gospel gives us the picture of the Rich Young Man. I am familiar with him from my seminary years when eight times a day I came face to face with a painting of him  on the landing of our central stairway. Rushing up or down those stairs, I would be daydreaming about fun I could have if I left the seminary. But, the Rich Young Man would always stop me, saying, “Nothing could be more fun than following Christ. I wish I had done it.”

I have a nephew, a lawyer, who retired with one of those “Golden Parachutes.” It lft him troubled with high blood pressure, weight, and depression. A nun asked him for a little legal help with her project. She was getting people to donate apartments, where she housed hundreds of families whose breadwinners had AID’s. As the good sister became a victim of cancer, she leaned more and more on my nephew. Now she has had to leave her good work to my nephew. His weight and blood pressure are down, and the depression is gone.

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