As Christians our love for one another should always be growing.

Monday, 8/27/12

In the first reading Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy thanked the Christians in Thessalonica, saying, “the love of every one of you for one another grows even greater.”

According to that, a benefit of our church going and of our attempts to live Christian lives should be that our love for one another is always growing.

As praying individuals we strive day by day to rid ourselves of whatever estranges us from God. That is good. But Paul reminds us of another goal to strive for, namely, for a greater love for one another.

Ideally we would go about that by easing up on the attention we fix on own needs. We should fix it on what others seem to need

A nursing nun from Korea, a Sister Marian came back to the States for a course at Berkley University in California; and a Sister Anne from Jacksonville was put to rooming with her. Sister Anne happened to mention my name, and Sister Marian said, “We used to have a Father Tom Sullivan in Korea. I wonder if it is the same one.” Sister Anne asked, “What was he like?”

Sister Marian said, “One time I went to him telling him how I was terribly worried about my father, and all he did was stare out the window.” And, Sister Anne said, “That could be our Father Sullivan.”

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