The seeds are impulses God sends to us to do right things.

Friday, 7/27/12

We are all very familiar with Our Lord’s story of the sower who went out to sow his seed, but since it is a nearly perfect parable, we should not pass up the opportunity for benefitting from it. Jesus identified the seed as the word of God. By that he meant every impulse God gives us for knowing and doing what is right. (Every Actual Grace.)

 The seed falling on the hardened path that the birds make away with are graces that get lost in the trivia that occupy our lives.

Jesus pictured the rocky ground as a few inches of soil over an underlaying flat rock. The seed, finding heat above the rock, and having no way to put down roots, puts all its growth into shoots that burst into view. Those proud little shoots, with no roots that get down to moisture, keel over in the heat. We are like that when we at first embrace good ideas, but do not follow that by making real plans for sticking to them.

The seeds falling among thorns are fine ideas from God that can’t make it because we are giving priority to the growth of our lust, our pride, or our greed.

The seeds falling on good ground are God’s inspirations that are so often welcomed and nurtured by disciplined souls.

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