Psalm 50 says we never get away with little failings.

Monday, 7/2/12

Our Responsorial Psalm, Psalm Fifty, lists a number of ordinary failings that we think we are getting away with. It goes on to say we are getting away with nothing. We will end up paying dearly for failings. Psalm Fifty tells us that the Lord is serious about his threats. He says, “I will rend you, and there will be no rescue for you.”

What are these “little” failings that we think we get away with? The Psalm lists five that we should check ourselves on.

First: Do we speak highly about living a religious life, while we have no discipline?
Second: When we see some one cheating do you think, “I could get away with that ”?
Third: Do we admire those who get away with adultery?
Fourth: Do we harness your tongue to deceits?
Five: Do we speak about the faults of brothers and sisters?  

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