Our man Thomas was more than a doubter, he was the bravest of the Apostles.

Tuesday, 7/3/12

This is the feast of the Apostle Thomas who refused to believe even when all the Apostles kept telling him they had seen the risen Lord. Doubting Thomas was pig headed, sticking to his own views against everyone else’s. Worse than showing that he was pig headed, today’s Gospel showed that Thomas doubted Our Lord’s special standing with the Father.

Still, we all have faults, and those of us who are named Thomas want to stand up for our saint.

In behalf of St. Thomas all of guys named Thomas object to today’s Gospel. It leaves us seeing our patron as nothing more than a doubter. The Church could have given us John 11:16. That was when the other Apostles were afraid of accompanying Jesus to Jerusalem, and only Thomas was brave enough to say, “Let us go to die with him.”

That contrast between the doubting and the brave Thomas should have us putting forward the good side rather than the bad side of our companions. St. Peter in his First Letter, 2:17 says, "Give honor to all." Now, although we make great use of that word "honor" I have never known exactly how one goes about honoring parents or war heroes or anyone else. I have come to see it as meaning to give attention to ones good side, rather than his bad. I honor my father by thinking of all his best qualities.

One of the perks of the bishops is that each of them gets to choose a Scripture verse as his motto. I have always known what my motto would be if us lowly people had the privilege of choosing one. What would yours be? For me First Peter 2:17 would be fine: "Give honor to all." However. I would prefer an older New Testament's rendering of it as "Honor all men." 

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