On our national holiday the Church quotes Amos telling us if we want to endure "We must seek good and not evil."

Wednesday, 7/4/12

 In the opening reading the Prophet Amos told us this,  “Seek good and not evil, that you may live.”  Those are fine words for us on our national holiday.

 If we want our star spangled banner to wave for centuries to come o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave we must seek good, not evil.

When our country is forced to take severe measures she is usually justified. We are sometimes forced to follow a grown-up version of the old principle that said, “Spare the rod, and you spoil the child.”

Still, in this harsh grown-up-world of ours we should exercise great caution in using the rod on any of God’s children. We should weigh the complaints others make against us. Here are three complaints we hear.

The Mexicans dominated by drug kingpins complain that if people in the States just did not create a big market for drugs it would put the kingpins out of business.

People in western Pakistan who lose family members in the U.S. drone hits intended for the Taliban complain that they have done the United States no harm.

The thousands of illegal immigrants detained for long periods in the string of prisons we maintain complain that they just wanted to enjoy American freedom.

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