In telling his disciples to bring nothing with them he was telling them to mix with people, depending on their help, promoting a family feeling.

Thursday, 7/12/12

Today’s readings call for a kinder, friendlier church. When Jesus told his disciples to bring no money or extra clothing with them he immediately followed that up with saying, “The laborer deserves his keep.” In other words, his disciples need not carry any extras with them, because they have a right to have such things supplied them by the people they teach.

So, in telling his disciples not to bring anything with them he was not telling them to practice a life of poverty. No, he was telling them to cast themselves on people’s generosity and friendship. No, no, he was telling them more than that. He as telling them that promoting generosity and friendship was his job.

The first reading comes to the same point, but from another direction. It tells us that God loves us his children, He taught us to walk. He held us to his cheek. And like any father, what he wants more than anything is that we his children show love to one another.

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