God is alluring you, speaking to your heart.

Monday, 7/9/12

You want to feel God’s closeness, but sometimes you have trouble picturing any approach he could make to you. After all, the universe is millions of light-years wide, and he is holding it in his hands. How can one of God’s immensity ratchet down to you. With a million other people praying to him every minute how can he give you any attention?

To push those objections aside, God inspired Hosea to give you a notion of his deep personal concern for you. Hosea was married to a woman named Gomer, but she left him for other lovers who were generous with presents.

Hosea was full of forgiveness for Gomer, and he gave himself to pursuing her with all his might. At that stage God entered into the drama, using Gomer as a standin for every soul who has strayed from him.

God took everything that Hosea said to Gomer, and he made those words his own. He speaks them to you. God tells you, “I want to be ever so close to you.” Speaking of your soul, God whispers, “I will allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart.”  

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