Comparing himself to an ox, Jesus assures you that if you slip under the yoke with him, not resisting the master's lead, you will find life easy.

Thursday, 7/19/12

 Am sure it isn’t necessary, but to make sure, let me explain the farmyard metaphor that is behind Jesus saying, “Take my yoke.”

I believe the flat piece of cloth around the neck of a collar-less dress is called its yoke, but that is inexact. Coming from an Indo-European word, to yoke means to join separate units together. The yoke Jesus is asking you to share is a wooden harness with two arcs. He is under one of them, and he is asking you to fit under the other side.

Our Lord’s words invite you to see him as a gentle ox that has kept his strength by never pulling against his master. Getting under the yoke with him, and following his lead in not struggling against God’s will, you will fine the yoke to be easy, and the burden light.  

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