We should keep D-Day as the feast day of the saintly boys who gave their lives to rescue Europe's children.

Wednesday, 6/6/12

This was the day sixty eight years ago that British and American young men came ashore in France, facing a rain of gunfire that took the lives of nineteen hundred of those British boys and twenty-four hundred and fifty American boys. 

As Christians those boys who gave their lives were pacifists, but as Paul said to Timothy in today’s reading, God did not give them a spirit of cowardice. They did the right and brave thing by giving their lives to rescue Europe from a tyranny that  ushered children into gas ovens.

Each day our Mass honors some man or woman who gave his or her life to honor God. Don’t we have a greater reason to keep holy this day that honors troops who went ashore to save God’s children in France, Germany, Poland and Italy?

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