By worrying and worrying about the future we are ignoring the good God who has cared for us all along.

Saturday, 6/23/12

Jesus said, “Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?”

You have to think twice to catch it, but his meaning there is that God gave you both a life and a body. Now, it he has been good enough and powerful enough to supply you those great things: a life and a body; isn’t he good enough and powerful enough to supply the lesser needs of food and clothing?

If you were to worry over his ability to supply you with food and clothing you would be like a well-cared-for little girl who whimpers over the possibility that she might be without food or clothing as she is growing up. Her mom and dad could rightly say she was insulting them by ignoring their role as providers.

Of course, we all have to plan well for tomorrow and next year. The Bible praises prudent housewives and stewards who lay good things aside for those rainy days. We all need to plan for the future, but when we have planned well, we need to let the matter rest. Worrying is not planning. Worrying is going around in circles. Worrying is doubting God’s goodness.

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