Those who give up their own families for Christ are rewarded even in this world.

Tuesday, 5/29/12
Priests and nuns are getting a bashing these days. The priests are getting it from the press, and the nuns are getting bashed by their own church. It’s comforting to hear Our Lord say a few words in their favor. He points to their sacrifice of what is normal and right for young people, namely the pleasure of having mates and children of their own. Who will argue with Jesus when he praises them for what they have given up?
Still, Jesus rightly points out that those who gave up families for his sake receive their reward even in this life. They receive new brothers and sisters. When it comes to caring for its priests and nuns the Catholic community is a warm family. Many priests and nuns choose to stay with their new family rather than returning to their home towns. With those who come to it from overseas the church family can be especially kind.

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