The Paschal Mystery as we find it related in John's Gospel mirrors the Passover Story of the Old Testament.

Friday, 5/4/12
Today’s Gospel gives us words Jesus spoke to the Apostles the night before he died. One thing he said was, “I am going to prepare a place for you.”
 That statement of Jesus takes on new meaning if you see that John modeled his Gospel on the three-part Old Testament story of how the Father brought the people out of slavery, led them through a life in the desert, then, brought them into the Promised Land.
John’s Gospel echoed that Old Testament saga by showing us that Jesus takes us out of slavery, leads us through the desert of our lives, then, brings un into the Promised land of heaven.
We can call that whole three-part Old Testament story “The Passover Story.”
Now, the Greek word for “Passover” is Pasch. And, since the life’s mission of Jesus mysteriously echoes the Old Testament’s Passover Story, we call it “The Paschal Mystery.”
With beautiful subtlety, John linked ever stage of the Paschal Mystery to its prototype in the Passover story. At the beginning of his Gospel John echoed Exodus Chapter Forty in saying that Jesus erected his tent with ours, and we saw his glory.
Through the mid section of his Gospel John told of Jesus giving bread from heaven, water from a rock, a light leading us in the dark.
At the end of Deuteronomy where the Father had the Holy Land divided into portions, preparing a place for each tribe, Jesus echoed that by saying, “I am going to prepare a place for you.” 

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