After the Last Supper Jesus looked over the heads of the Apostles; and seeing us over the years, he made the same prayer for us that he was making for the Apostles.

Thursday, 5/24/12
After the Last Supper, Jesus, who had greatly loved his apostles, offered a heart-felt prayer for them. One of the things he asked the Father was that the Apostles might come to see his glory. By his glory he meant himself in heaven, enjoying his reward. He was asking the Father to grant the Apostles a full life in heaven after this one was over.
In the midst of that prayer he was offering for them Jesus did something unusual. He told the Father he was not asking for a full heavenly existence only for the Apostles. He said, “I pray not only for those, but for all those who will believe in me through them.”
When we think of Jesus making that prayer we should picture him looking over the heads of the Apostles, seeing us in the far distance.
And, if he can speak to us over the years, then we can speak back to him. We should promise to do our part in having his prayer for us come true.
What he asked for us was that we might be one with him and the Father. What might being one with him and the Father be like? How can we be one with God?
Well, God is beauty. God is truth. God is goodness. We can be one with him by loving beauty, loving truth and goodness; by staying away from ugliness, lying, and meanness.

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