Jesus is the gentle Suffering Servant.

Monday, 4/2/12
The first readings this week are the four poetic passages from the latter part of the Book of Isaiah. These four poems are known as the “Songs of the Suffering Servant.” The first of them that we have today sets for us an example of extreme gentleness.
It states that God’s Suffering Servant would not break a bruised reed nor quench a smoldering wick. In my years as a teacher I always took the bruised reed, an imperfect writing tool, to stand for the child having difficulty in expressing him or herself. God wanted me to gently help them get the best out of themselves.
The smoldering wick of a reading lamp could be the student who must be led to finding the great advantages of reading.
God called the Suffering Servant for the “Victory of justice.” I had a great priest friend, Harry Roberts, who is now forty years dead. Harry was put off by the Church’s moral lessons always being concerned with avoiding sins of the flesh. He would say lack of justice is our greatest failing. Justice is the virtue by which we recognize the rights of others, by which we strive to give them their due. Again, God called the Suffering Servant for the Victory of Justice.

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