We show our love for God by loving our neighbor.

Friday, 3/16/12
Let me say a word about each of the readings. The first reading is from the Book of Hosea the Prophet. You know the story: Hosea had a wife named Gomer who deserted him for men who gave her presents.Hosea wrote, assuring Gomer that he still loves her, and he would take her back when she was desperate and lonely. God used the betrayal of Gomer as a mirror of Israel’s betrayal of him. He used Hosea’s words to call back Israel, and to call us back.
In the Gospel where a scribe asked Jesus what was the greatest commandment Jesus answered that there were two: that we should love God, then love our neighbor. The scribe, admiring Our Lord’s answer, repeated it. However, in repeating it the scribe linked together the two commands: that of loving God, and that of loving or neighbor. 
Jesus was satisfied that the scribe had linked the two commandments. Someone had finally got the point: we show love for God by loving our neighbor. With that Jesus saw no need to continue teaching.

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