We should look around for the prophets in our midst.

Monday, 3/12/12
The cure of the Aramean Naaman has us thinking about the people of that place today, I mean of the Syrians. We must pray for them, and we must pay attention to the news, looking for a time when we can be of more help to them.
As for Jesus saying, “No prophet is accepted in his own native place,” it should make us look around for prophets we have overlooked.
I like the Hebrew word for a prophet. It is nabi, which is also the Korean word for a butterfly. But that Hebrew word for a prophet is derived from a baby’s word for a mouth. They called their prophets mouths because they saw the prophets as lending their mouths to God to speak his words.
Have we failed to recognize the prophets among us who say the things God wants said? I think so. After months of having been laid up with a bad knee, Gladys White got to the Fish Fry Friday night, only to have the knee go out in a worse way on Saturday.
I think Gladys has consistently lent her mouth to God to say the things God wants said. The ladies of St. Paul’s guild in the St. Cecilia Circle got together for a birthday luncheon for Jeannette Sowers. I have a picture of the group on my mantle. There are some there that could be honored as prophets. 

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