If we need to change our minds about things it will help if we haven't been too sure of ourselves.

 Saturday, 3/24/12
In the Gospel there is a great division in the way people regarded Jesus. The simple temple guards said, “Never has anyone spoken like this man.” Nicodemus said that Jesus should not be condemned without a hearing. The chief priests and Pharisees brought out solemn proof for rejecting claims for Jesus being the Messiah. (They said it was prophesied that the Messiah would come from Bethlehem, but Jesus was from Galilee. Case closed!)
In these days with all of us split between various shades of Republicans and Democrats none of us should be dead sure that we are right. All of us are victims of the television we watch and the publications we read.
An American diplomat who has been visiting North Korea yearly for thirty years described the way the minds of the people are held fed. He said that every house from morning to night is captive to broadcasts of the government’s views. None of the people has the mental strength to believe anything other than what they are fed.
In some degree we too become slaves to advertising. For the most part the outcome of elections depends on how many millions the parties spend on advertising.
It is healthy for us to recall times when we held views contrary to what we believe now. Such recollections should keep us from being too hard on others.   

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