Vivid memories of times we were hurt can keep us from hurting others.

Thursday, 3/1/12
For motivating ourselves to observe the “Golden Rule” it helps to remember how we felt on occasions when we were offended. I’ll give a few examples from my life.
When it comes to looking on others as strange kinds of people I recall how it was when I was the only American in the Korean town where I lived. On the whole, people were very kind, but I was hurt those days when little kids took me to be a walking zoo. Surrounding me as I made my way they were leaping up, getting their faces into mine, joyful at getting close to a real oddity.
When I make fun of the attachment some people have for their belongings I recall my feelings on the day a slicky-boy ran off with my handbag. It contained soft leather Pullman slippers that I hardly ever wore, but still loved like my own skin. Too, in that handbag I had a small book published in 1645 in St. Paul’s Churchyard - my Granduncle John who wore spats presented it to me after bidding for it at an auction. I had a genuine relationship to that book.
I must admit to being fascinated by nakedness, but I can share the feelings of the objects of such staring. What enables me to do it is my memory of being naked and exposed. Some older boys called me into their house down the block from my home. They stripped me, then pushed me out the door. I had to keep running and crouching behind one bush after another, scared to death over anyone seeing me. It seemed as though they would be taking the person I was away from me.
Additionally, I recall times when I went smiling up to someone only to be snubbed. Each of us has feelings that can be hurt, that should teach us not to hurt others.

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