Saturday, 2/25/12

The second part of today’s reading from Isaiah Chapter Twenty-Three
Gives us three rewards God reserves for those who observe his holy days. The same would hold for people who take the trouble to attend Sunday Mass.
The three rewards are: they will delight in the Lord, they will ride on the heights, and they will be nourished with the heritage of Jacob.
Let’s take those one at a time. By making Sunday Mass regularly you will find yourself delighting in the Lord. You will feel that you have not forfeited his friendship, exchanging it for a round of golf or a Sunday morning in bed. You will feel entitled to wallow in your friendship with God.
Secondly, you will ride on the heights That puts me in mind of the Shenandoah Parkway on which we glide along looking down at smoke stacks and busy people three thousand feet below us. At Mass the world of business and endless TV commercials is far below you.
Thirdly, you will be nourished by the heritage of Jacob. You will be nourished by the Scripture readings, at times by the homily, and always by the silent friendship of good people all around you.

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