In esteeming the lowly man of woman we are honoring God in them.

Thursday, 2/16/12
In the first reading James tells us to esteem the lowly man as highly as we esteem the wealthy. Let’s look at what the lowliest man has going for him.
Our faith tells us that every one of us is created in God’s image. I like to think that each of us as having the potential for being like God in a unique way. I imagine God to be like a multi-facet diamond, with each of us mirroring a different one of his facets.
If that is true, we must go on to see that our unique resemblances to God is not a polished divine likeness. It is only a potential that each of us has for mirroring God in a unique way. We develop that potential by all of the acts by which we rid ourselves of sinfulness, and by all the positive acts of love by which we become more God-like.
A Vatican II document tells us that the goal of Christian Education is to aid children to develop their personalities to the full. They do that by coming more and more to resemble that facet of God that is unique to each of them.
St. James spoke of the lowly persons whom we must highly esteem. Each of them can become more than worthy of that esteem as he or she polishes his or her Godlike aspect.

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