In celebrating th feast of St. Valentine we celebrate God's gift of romantic love.

Tuesday, 2/14/12
Today is the feast of Cyril and Methodius, tenth century brothers, called the Apostles of the Slavic Peoples. Not to make slight of such great men, we in the West feel it proper for us to honor St. Valentine on this day. Although we know nothing of his life, we honor him for what he stands for. He stands for romantic love. Romantic love first appeared in the second chapter of the Bible.
When God created his first man he saw that it was not good for him to be alone. So, as Chapter Two goes on, God created bears, and cats, and birds and monkeys; but none of those proved to be an acceptable mate for the man. So, God cast a deep sleep on the man. He then took a rib from the man, and he molded it into a woman.
When the man saw it he cried, “This one!”
Did he ever want her!
That was the first instance of the romantic love we celebrate today. For some people it is the best thing in the Bible.

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