If our bodies become temples of God the Shekhinah of his presence will fill us.

Monday, 2/6/12
The dedication of Solomon’s Temple has aspects that still interest us. The account makes much of the Cherubim hovering over the ark. If we go back to Exodus Twenty-five we read where God asks to be addressed at the place above the ark, between the Cherubim. That was his presence for the Israelites. So, it wasn’t what was in the ark that made it glorious, but God’s presence above the ark.
In Chapter Forty of Exodus when Moses had completed their movable sanctuary, putting the ark in place, the cloud of God’s presence from nowhere appeared, filling the holy place. The same thing happens here, three centuries later. When Solomon placed the ark in the holy of holies that cloud filled the holy of holies. Hebrews gave the name Shekhinah to the cloud of God’s presence. If all the right conditions are fulfilled the Shekhinah can rush in to fill your soul.

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