The disciples were arguing about wich one was the greatest. Can you imagine grown people arguing about such a thing?

Tuesday, 2/21/12
Isn’t that so true to life that the disciples on their long hike through the countryside should have been arguing about which of them was the greatest. The kids on our block when we were growing were always going on about that. We called one boy “All Star,” not that he was one, but because he was always insisting he was.
I somewhere heard that Jews saw the evil of homicide in that every person sees him or herself as the center of the whole world, so that by committing suicide one would be doing away with the whole world.
If you eat in restaurants the one word you hear from tables all around you is “I.” Much of the conversation is taken up with phrases like, “I just told him.” “I see it this way.” “No, I don’t like it.” “I just had to say.” There is of course a generous sprinklings of “me,” with the final word often being, “Well, if you ask me!”
We hear that there are billions of stars out there, each with a universe of its own; and it is believable, since in every school, place of business, or theater we see self-centered little universes.
Lent start tomorrow. It would help if you could adopt some program by which you convinced yourself that others are as important as you are.

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