Jesus taught with such authority that no one was tempted to ask him "Was you there Charley?"

Tuesday, 1/10/12  “It doesn’t matter
In a spirit of giving credit where it is due, rather than from a carping, complaining frame of mind, I want to say that the Scripture scholars who put together our Mass readings in 1970 did a masterful job in matching texts. Their choices were so apt that we came to accept their authority. The recent revisers of the Roman Missal have lacked the scholarly insights needed for matching texts. With today’s readings they seem to have thrown up their hands, saying, “It doesn’t matter: for the first reading take either of these passages from First Samuel; and for the Gospel take either of these passages from Mark.”
In our admiration for those scholars back in 1970 we can be like the people in the Capernaum synagogue who admired the authority which imbued Jesus through and through. They were saying things like, “When this man talks about heaven he knows what he is talking about. When this man talks about the Father he is giving us first hand information. None of us are tempted to ask him, ‘Were you there, Charley?’”

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