God pours in over our sleeping souls the way the tide washes in through tidal marshes.

Friday, 1/27/12
In the Gospel Jesus spoke of the mysterious ways in which God gives life and growth to scattered seed while the farmer who scattered them sleeps unawares. That might remind you of Sidney Lanier’s great poem about the tidal marsh land in Glynn County Georgia just north of here. In the closing verse of his “Marshes of Glynn” Lanier described the enriching tide rolling in through the marshes at night, comparing it to God’s sleep working its wonders as we lay lost in dreams.
The creeks overflow: a dozen rivulets run:
Twixt the roots and the sod; the blades of the marsh grass stir;
Passeth a hurrying sound of wings that westward whirr;
Passeth and all is still; and the currents cease to run,
And the sea and the marsh are one.
How still the plains of the waters be!
The tide is in his ecstasy.
The tide is at his highest height;
And it is night.

And now from the Vast of the Lord will the waters of sleep
Roll in on the souls of men,
But who will reveal to or waking ken
 The forms that swim and the shapes that creep
Under he waters of sleep?

And I would I could know what swimmeth below when the tide comes in
On the length and the breadth of the marvelous marshes of Glynn.

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