An expanive life of faith will not fit into a resticted selfish life.

Monday, 1/16/12
In today’s Gospel with two metaphors Jesus tells us we cannot just use our Christian faith as something extra to add to the comfortable lives we have worked out for ourselves.
The demand of our faith cannot be like a square of fresh cloth that we use to fix up our worldly life style. In Our Lord’s example the fresh patch by its shrinking at the first washing would pull rents in the older garment. By the metaphor Jesus was saying that the new life of faith would not fit in with our old worldly life style. It would create a need for honesty and kindness that wouldn’t it our selfish life style.
Then, there is the thing about storing wine in goatskins. A goatskin has just enough   stretch in it to let the goat put on weight one time, and this bit of elasticity will be needed when the skin forms a bag for storing grape juice. The grape juice will expand as it ferments into wine, and it will use up the last bit of elasticity in the goat skin. But, an old wine skin with all its stretch used up, won’t accommodate itself to the bursting energy of fresh grape juice. So, the necessary expansiveness of a life of faith won’t fit into the narrow life restricted by heavy drinking and cheating. Or, something!

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