We use the words of ancient Catholics to honor Mary.

Sunday, 12/18/11
The Gospel allows us to look in on Mary in those minutes when the angel was telling her she was to be the mother of the Messiah. Catholics seven hundred years ago wrote this account of the scene. 
I syng of a mayden
þat is makeles,
kyng of alle kynges
to here sone che ches.

He came also stylle
þer his moder was
as dew in aprylle,
þat fallyt on þe gras.

He cam also stylle
to his moderes bowr
as dew in aprille,
þat fallyt on þe flour.

He cam also stylle
þer his moder lay
as dew in Aprille,
þat fallyt on þe spray.;


Moder & mayden
was neuer non but che –
wel may swych a lady
Godes moder be.


The second line is “bat is makeless.” The “bat” is “that.” “Makeles’ could mean that she was eternal, never made; but it is also a Medieval pun, where a “make” was a word for a boyfriend.

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