Let's go one beyond putting Christ back in Christmas. Let's put Christ's Mass back in Christmas.

Sunday, 12/25/11

Good people are always campaigning to put Christ back in Christmas. Let’s go one further. Let’s put Christ’s Mass back in Christmas.

Back before there was any Santa Claus. Even back before  the birth of Santa’s prototype of St. Nicolas; people celebrated the birthday of Jesus with a special Mass. The Mass was so central to the celebration that it was called Christ’s Mass Day, later shortened into Christmas Day.

I like having the opening chapter of John’s Gospel for today. It is great in describing Christ’s pre-existence.  As the Son, or as the mirror image of the Father, he was the Father’s model for all he created: for music, for DNA, for clouds against blue skies.

 I love John’s phrase, “In him was life, and the life was the light of the world.” To my mind, in saying his life was the light of the world John was saying that Christ’s life is the source of all terrestrial energy: of electricity and human thought.

The great thing about John’s account in his Chapter One is that John tells us that the immensity of the Son for us was constricted into the form of one helpless baby. 

I say, “Let’s put Christ’s Mass back in Christmas.” Let’s fully rejoice at the moment when Christ becomes present on our altar, much as he became present in Bethlehem. This is the real celebration of Christmas.

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