As she travelled south Mary thought over and over about the miracle taking place in her.

The Gospel brings back for us the meeting of the freshly conceived Marry with Elizabeth who was in her sixth month. Their meeting gives us the opportunity to look anew at the wonderful condition of carrying a baby.

Sixty years ago I was vacationing with a couple who had two young daughters. The mother, Jane, was laughing over a mother-daughter chat she had with little Pattie. Pattie wanted to know where babies came from, but when Jane gave her a clinical description of the process Pattie just got angry with her. She said, “Nobody could believe that!” I am with Pattie on that. It is unbelievable.

We had at St. Paul’s a lady named Louise Fields, and Louise had been a nurse in the delivery room at St. Vincent’s for forty years. I asked her if when she watched the first child come out into the world, if she thought it was an unbelievable miracle.

“Yes, Father. I thought the first child was a miracle from God. And with the last of a very long line of them I saw born on my final day, I saw it as the same wonderful miracle.   

The Bible says, “You knit me in the womb” and it says, “I am wonderfully made.” These are grand things to think about. They make God so real for us

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