An outline history of the Middle East.

Tuesday, 11/22/11

The fictional story of Daniel prompts a review of Middle East history.
9000 -8000 B.C. Civilization begins with the first animal husbandry and planting.
7000 B.C. Making of pottery and bricks.
6000 B.C  Controlling of Tigris and Euphrates floods with dikes and canals.
5000 B.C. Hebrews, Canaanites and other Semites rim the Arabian Peninsula.
4000 B.C. Coming from God-knows-where, the Sumerians occupy Mesopotamia.
3400 B.C. Sumerians invent writing in clay and counting by twelves.
2900 B.C. Sumerians tell the story of Gilgamesh, and of the ark and the flood.
2600 B.C. The Semitic peoples began working on the dikes in Mesopotamia.
2300 B.C. A Semite, Sargon I, crowned in Babylon. His daughter is priestess in Ur.
2200 B.C. A wave of Semites, the Amorites, stake claims around the fertile crescent.
2100 B.C. Sumerians regain control of Ur, keeping its temple to the Moon goddess.
2000 B.C. Abraham born in Ur. Sarai and Milcah are named for the moon goddess.
1800 B.C. Abraham settles in the promised land of Canaan.
1650 B.C. His brothers sell Joseph into Egypt.
1250 B.C. Moses leads the people out of Egypt.
1000 B.C. David comes to rule from Jerusalem.
  930 B.C. Solomon’s son lets the people split into kingdoms of Judah and Israel.
  720 B.C. Assyrians carry off the people of Israel. Isaiah prophesizes in Judah.
   597 B.C. Babylonians carry off the people of Judah. Jeremiah left in Jerusalem.
    530 B.C. Persians conquer Babylon, sending the Jews back to Jerusalem
     515 B.C.  Jews dedicate the second temple.
      445 B.C. Ezra and Nehemia enact the first of the Traditions of the Elders.
      333 B.C. Alexander conquered the Middle East, sparing Jerusalem’s temple.
       312 B.C. Alexander’s general Seleuchus founds dynasty ruling the Jews
       167 B.C.  Antiochus IV, descendent of Seleucus, puts Zeus on the temple’s altar.
        165 B.C. Judas Maccabeus frees Jerusalem First Hanukkah.
         152 B.C. Brother of Judas grabs high priesthood, the protesters were Pharisees.
             65 B.C. Romans take over.

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