Old age is a happy time for us because we have more friends.

Saturday, 11/5/11

Today we conclude three weeks of having excerpts of Paul’s Letter to the Romans for our first reading. The concluding paragraph of the letter which we have today introduces us to many of Paul’s friends. He wants to be remembered to Prisca and Aquila who like him had practiced the leather tanning trade. Paul had word that his beloved Epaenetus was in Rome, and he asked the people who would read his letter to look Epaenetus up. He asked his readers to tell Mary he appreciated all she was doing for the church there. He greeted his own relatives, Andronicus and Junia. Then, he asked that his greeting should be relayed to Stachys, Ampliatus and Urbanus.

Apparently Paul had a man named Tertius doing the writing for him. Tertius too sent greetings from himself and from Erastus and Quartus who were there with him.

I think that one advantage in growing old is that we appreciate people more. In youth we are on the look out for mates and for help in finding a living. As we age we become aware of, and appreciative more, the fine qualities in the many people around us. In ways we are happier in our old age than we were in our youth.

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