Molesting by an adult robs a child of healthy slow development. Jesus said the molester would have been better off drowned.

In the Gospel Jesus said you would be better off if a heavy millstone had been secured around your neck to drown you than if you should cause a little one to sin.

His words bring up the sad stories of priests getting too friendly with kids. A priest I thought highly of became too friendly with a teenager friend of mine, and the young man needed heavy doses of counseling to get over it.

In teaching school for over twenty years I have had to deal with troubled kids who had been misused by relatives. I found those kids speaking to me as though they were adults. They commented on things a kid wouldn’t worry about: like the length of my trousers or sideburns. It seemed to me that an adult “friend” had forced the  kid to act like an adult partner to him or her,. That had caused the kid to skip the normal, gradual development, through the early teen years. Skipping that gradual development left them lacking.

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