The Holy Spirit leads us to wisdom by having us recall the very words of Jesus we most need to hear.

Wednesday, 11/23/11

Jesus tells his followers the difficulties they will encounter as Christians, and it makes us feel like free-loaders who get to be Christians without needing to pay for it. Perhaps it only seems easy for us because we don’t work hard at it.

Jesus promises his followers that he will “give them wisdom in speaking.”

That is not a channel that is opened only in times of persecution. It is actually available to us in all the decisions facing us each day.

To tune in to Our Lord’s wisdom you need to clear the way for it. That would require your denying yourself some of your pleasures. It would require your reviewing your sins and failures. It would require you doing what you can about silencing your prejudices.

Having acquired all the honesty you can, and mustering all the humility you are capable of, you should then ask God to let you see his way out for you.

In promising us the Holy Spirit, Jesus not only said that he would lead us to all truth, but he promised that he would have us recall important things Jesus said. I think that is how Jesus leads us to his wisdom. When we have cleared the way for it, the Holy Spirit will have us recall the words of Jesus that will help us most.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I think that Jesus speaks to us all the time through the Holy Spirit, it's just whether we are listening or not. Your mind has to be right, to hear, turning away from listening toward the flesh, and turning toward listening to Spirit. This is hard to do, since our spirit right now is mostly inside our fleshly body. But it can be done. Prayer helps.

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