As a part of every Mass we should recall God's many favors to us.

Saturday, 11/12/11

The Responsorial Psalm urges us to remember the great things God had done. That is something we should be doing at Mass.

In our Masses we recall that Jesus, took bread, said the blessing, and broke the bread. We give those words little thought as we skip over them. That’s too bad. There is more to them than we realize. Take the second thing Jesus did, namely, he said the blessing.

Our Eucharistic Prayers all grew out of that blessing. The blessing Jesus offered at the Last Supper was the formal blessing for special meals. It had it’s own name. It was the Brakha.

At a dinner the Brakha offered by the host was similar to a special Thanksgiving blessing the head of a family might offer, mentioning how each family member had prospered in the previous meal. The host offering the Brakha always used his own words as they came to him.

But whatever words he used the host offering the Brakha always had to cover three points. First, he had to recall God’s many blessings. Second, he had to call down God’s spirit to unite and empower the diners for speaking to God. Third, he asked the diners to join him in making themselves into a pleasing gift offered to God in return for his many favors. (The Greek word for pleasing gift was Eu-charist.)  

From our hearts at every Mass we should be performing those three parts. First, we should be recalling God’s favors. Second, we should be asking for his Spirit. Third we should join Jesus as part of the Eucharist.

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