We honor Mary's womaness.

Saturday, 10/8/11

Jewish Law was not respectful of women or child bearing. A woman was considered unclean for forty days after giving birth. So, in that misogynistic setting, it is refreshing that someone in the crowd would declare the womb and breasts that nurtured Jesus to be highly blessed entities.

Birthing is truly the greatest recurrent miracle in our lives. Louise Fields, a St. Paul’s  parishioner worked for thirty years in St. Vincent’s delivery room. I asked her at her retirement if the first time she saw a baby born did it seem she was witnessing a great miracle. Louise said, “Yes, and I thought the same think last week witnessing the last of ten thousand births.”

In viewing a pregnant woman it is hard to believe what is happening within her. There is nothing that brings us so close to God. 

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