We have little time left for accomplishing what we most want to do.

Wednesday, 10/19/11

In speaking of a master returning when he was not expected, then, asking for an account of a servant’s stewardship, Jesus was really talking about an inevitable day for each of us. That will be the day when death comes. That hour will slam shut the books on what we have accomplished and on the good we meant to do, but didn’t get around to.

If the Lord finds that we have frittered away our days and hours, without accomplishing the good we were capable of, in justice, he will have to punish us.

Parables like today’s Gospel that remind us of the fast approach of our day of reckoning are called memento more stories. We had a good one of them in the news two weeks ago. Steve Job, the founder of Apple Computers told a graduation class that the certainty that he was soon to die was a wonderful thing for him. It spurred him to line up the projects that meant most to him. It had him measuring out his time, getting done the things that meant most to him.

We should not waste the fine memento more today’s Gospel and Steve Job’s example offer us.

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