In Our Lord's parable the broad gate stood for the comfortable way of living. The narrow gate stood for the habit of always taking the right, more difficult way of living.

Wednesday, 10/26/11

Our Lord’s parable about entering through the narrow gate is one of those we often have reason to think of. Let me set the scene for the parable.

Jesus based this parable on old walled cities that each had a massive city gate that also served as a meeting place where the town’s leaders decided all town business. One thing they were in charge of was bolting the town gates when robbers or disease was stalking the countryside. If you happened to be out in your fields when the town gates were slammed shut you had to camp out there, hoping you would be safe.

However, there were a few wise souls who never got caught out. They knew of a narrow gate, hidden by brambles on a rocky hillside behind the town. Over the years the wise souls had made a practice of climbing the rocky hill, of pushing the brambles aside, and of making themselves known and welcomed by the keeper of the narrow gate.

As a parable going in and out by the broad town gate would stand for dieting on junk food, having an addiction to certain soap operas, loving a good cat fest for exchanging juicy gossip. The habit of seeking out the narrow gate would mean getting up in time for Mass, taking a meaningful interest of the needs of others, giving up sweet addictions.  

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