For those who fear God's name there will arise the sun of justice with its healing rays.

Thursday, 10/6/ 11

We could like the first reading just for its wonderful final sentence, “For you who fear my name there will arise the sun of justice with its healing rays.” Isn’t that wonderful?

I like the Prophet Malachi for a family reason. I had been thinking that my mother grew up in St. Malachi’s parish, attending primary school there. Now that I think of it, Malachi’s was a downtown parish. My mother’s parish was Columcille’s, but now that I’ve started, let me tell my old story. In 1940 my Uncle Ollie died, and I was a pallbearer along with five cousins, all of us were still in grade school. The church was upstairs over the school, and we had a heck of a time getting Uncle Ollie up and down those stairs.

Here is a bit of Church History. Back in 750 a.d. Pope Gregory commissioned St. Boniface to close down Germany’s Irish monasteries founded by Columcille, turning them into Benedictine monasteries. As you can imagine, the Irish did not go quietly back then.

Now, there has been a distant echo of that shutdown. In 1952 St. Louis got a German archbishop, and he closed down St. Columcille’s, telling all the parishioners from County Kerry that they were transferred to the German parish, St. Boniface’s.

I was newly ordained then, and my mother took me around showing her priest son off to the old Irish people from St. Columcille’s. They all pleaded with me to tell the archbishop that they just couldn’t go over to the German parish.

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