We are grateful to St. Luke for telling us about the women who took care of Jesus and his Apostles.

Friday, 9/16/11

St. Luke in today’s Gospel gives us something that Matthew, Mark and John neglected to do. He gave us the names of the women who used their savings to feed and care for Jesus and the disciples.

The custom back then was to make little of the contribution made by women.  In cultures where the role of women is limited, it is often the women who demand that things be kept that way. I often think of a lively high school teacher in my parish in Korea. One time she asked me if she should become a Catholic. I said, “That is for you to decide.” That made her impatient with me. She said, “Don’t you know you are the man? Don’t you know men should make the decisions?”

Our age, with its women’s lib movement, has moved away from a state of affairs where the ladies wait for the men to tell them what to do, and it has been a good thing.

The last parish I was associated with is having difficulties; but its top-grade women’s guild can’t be kept down; and it will bring the parish through its hard times.

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