Today we celebrate Mary's birth. In imagination we look down lovingly on that wonderful sinless one-day-old.

Today we celebrate the birth of Mary. We might think of her birth in connection with the reading the Church gives us from Paul’s Letter to the Romans. It has that wonderful phrase, “All things work for good for those who love God.” That conviction strengthened Mary all the days of her life. Whatever threats loomed for her, she went on loving God, knowing everything would turn out right in the end.

But this day does not celebrate what lay ahead in her life. No, it celebrates her being a day old baby. My sister Peg had thirteen children, and she complained of people who talked only of what her babies would become as adults. She loved babies just for being babies. Going along with that, let’s form a mental picture of the newborn Mary: sinless through and through, goodness through and through.

Watch her wiggle her toes. Listen to her gurgle. Take in that smile. It is priceless!

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