Jesus warns us aginst being too soft on olurselves. Joy is fine as long as you are giving it to those most in need of it.

Wednesday, 9/7/11

In the Gospel Jesus said, “Woe to you rich, for you have received your consolation. Woe to you who are filled now, for you will go hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you will grieve and weep.”

Do those words scare you? Do they make you think that in going too far in seeking the good life you have stored up punishments for yourself?  

Our Lord’s words should scare you. They should make you worry. That’s what they are all about.

Our Lord’s words were not meant to turn you into a sour puss who can’t have a good time. He himself was criticized for joining others in eating and drinking. The Bible encourages us spread joy with cheerful faces. It encourages us to have joy in our accomplishments.

Joy is the best of things, as long as you are keen on bringing it to those most in need of it.

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