We try to get close to Jesus in the Gospel, hoping to develop a closer relationship.

Wednesday, 8/31/11

Do you have difficulty connecting with Jesus? It is not enough for us to be hooked on the name of Jesus, so that we can repeat it musically, singing, “Jesus, Jesus, you are my Lord.” No, we must personally connect with him, and I at times ask him to make himself personally here with me.

The first part of Mark and Luke’s Gospels feed that need for knowing Jesus personally. In the passage from Luke’s Gospel we read yesterday we associated ourselves with the people in the synagogue who marveled at Our Lord’s authority. When he talked about heaven he was talking as a real eye witness.

In today’s Gospel we follow him into Peter’s house. With him we bend close over Peter’s sick mother-in-law. With her we feel the flush of returned health as he touches her brow.

Down on the floor, eating with Jesus and the Apostles, we hear the hubbub of people gathering outside with their sick and deranged. Going out with him, standing as close as we can, we see wondrous cure after cure.

After all that, having trouble keeping our eyes open, we find a place on the floor to curl up. We look around for Jesus, but we don’t see him.

In the morning, stirring up with Peter and John, we follow them to a hill outside of town where we come on Jesus lost in prayer with the Father. We ask him to strengthen our connection with him.

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