We should be like little children, knowing we depend on God.

Tuesday, 8/9/11

If e take Our Lord seriously we would be looking back on ourselves as children, trying to find what there was about us that he would consider to be worth imitating,

I can remember not liking other kids: not liking that girl because she was fat, not liking that boy because he thought he was something with that fancy bike of his. I can remember learning “Gunga Din” so I could show off reciting it.

I can’t remember doing anything that Our Lord would have seen as admirable. I can’t remember my being anything that he’d want me to be again.

Perhaps it was what I couldn’t do, rather than what I could do that he saw as valuable. Instead of the feeling of security I have come to by being up to date on all my bills, and still having a little in the bank; perhaps he would see my insecurity back then as good. Perhaps he wants me to realize that my life is hanging on a string, and he has the other end of that string. That must be it. We must become like children by fully acknowledging our dependence on him.

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