God sees and rewards you for your hard work, for what you put up with.

Thursday, 8/24/11

In the Gospel Jesus said he would pour blessings on faithful and prudent servants who have done well with the households he has put in their charge. I wonder how many of you fit into that category. You would not have still been here if you hadn’t been faithful and prudent along the way.

In caring for kids, in getting them out of trouble don’t think you were performing thankless work. If you have been taking care of the elderly, if you have been working at fund raising for good causes the Lord looks down with pleasure on your work.

Sister Benignus at my sister Peg’s high school warned the girls against getting into back seats with boys. Her dire warning was, “God sees you!”

Peggy had a classmate named Pat File, and they called her "Piffle." At Peg’s slumber parties I heard Piffle putting on Sister Benignus. The way Piffle would imitate Sister saying, "God sees you" had all the girls laughing.

 I used to ask myself what was so funny. God does see them, doesn’t he?

He sees everything we do wrong. But, what is really wonderful is that he sees everything we do right. Putting up with the old and sick, putting up with ungrateful kids, bearing it when people speak wrongly about you – God sees all this. He tells you, “Good and faithful steward, you have blessings coming your way.

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