Are we as hypocritical as the Pharisees?

Monday, 8/22/11

In the Gospel Jesus criticized the Pharisees for being hypocrites who didn’t practice what they preached. He said they were like blind men who made poor guides.

We can join Jesus in criticizing the Pharisees, or we can ask are we also hypocrites, not practicing what we preach. Are we like blind men when it comes to our guiding others.

I like several times a week to meditate on the first chapter of John’s Gospel. When the story came to the meeting of Jesus with Nathaniel, Jesus praised him for being completely honest, for having no guile in him. At that I always start wondering how much of my dishonesty and covering up Jesus would put up with.

All of us look like fine Christians, coming to Mass every day, but are we as good as we look? Would people be shocked at what I do when no one is looking? As parents have you been guilty of he same sins you condemn in your children?

Something can be said for our hypocrisy. After all, we can’t do our jobs if we have no one respecting us. We all have to find a balance between being honest and giving decent direction to people around us.

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