The yoke of Jesus is a double wooden harness. He invites you to get under the other side, and pull with him.

Sunday, 7/3/11

In the Gospel Jesus said, “Learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart.” We have heard that so many times that it does nothing for us. But, can we push his parables aside?

His parables, even his mini parables like this one, have two sides to them: one familiar, and one unfamiliar.

Even though the familiar side of Our Lord’s parable might have become so familiar that we are sick of it, it is worth our while to hang on, because Christ can invest the unfamiliar part of his parables with amazing wealth.

The familiar side of this parable likens Jesus to an old ox under one side of a wooden harness called a yoke. He says he has found fulfillment plowing in whatever field the Father led him. By not resisting he has turned each task into a joy.

He tells you, “Take my yoke upon you.” By that he is asking you to join him in the causes dear to him. He is asking you to actively share his concern and work for the wounded, the starving, the imprisoned, those suffering from ignorance.

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